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Frustrated with Jobs, Pakistan Staffing Services, and Finding Good Candidates?

Supply and demand affects the job market just as it affects other areas. Whether there's a lack of jobs and talent or an abundance of it, finding a good fit is never easy. Currently the demand for qualified professionals is high, and supply limited.

As a result, hiring managers, head hunters and staffing services scramble to fill jobs in Pakistan, and many provide subpar service. Some hire and quickly train newcomers to technical jobs. Is this fair to employers who expect to fill positions with experienced professionals? It's not fair to highly qualified individuals either, as they must now compete with these recent trainees.

These are but a few of the many pain points that WeboJobs solves.

A Better Source to Find and Fill Jobs

Pakistan job seekers and employers alike use the platform to connect directly with one another. After signing up for a free account and creating a profile, our members are able to manage their own searches.

How it works for Job Seekers:

Sign up for a FREE account. Even this part is easy as you can log in with an existing LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+ profile.

From there, you can:

  • Upload your resume
  • Use our resume builder to build a professional resume
  • Manage multiple resumes
  • Begin a job search using various criteria such as: keywords, job roles, location, skills, expertise, and more
  • Apply for jobs (Pakistan) with one click, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+
  • Follow companies of interest
  • Use our private messaging system to communicate directly with employers/recruiters
  • Ensure privacy by controlling who can see your resume or profile

How it Works for Employers and Recruiters:

Sign up for a FREE account and create a company profile complete with your company's logo.

From there, you can:

  • Post job openings
  • Create a Facebook app for your job listings using professional templates and one-click publishing
  • Instantly promote your job openings on your existing LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts
  • Instantly promote your job openings on WeboJobs' official Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts
  • Search for candidates by skill, job role, keyword, location, and other criteria
  • Communicate with candidates using our private messaging system
  • Receive expert assistance in sourcing talent for your job listings (FREE for a limited time)
  • Short list applicants
  • Add recruiters and/or employees to your WeboJobs account
  • Manage your job applications through a custom workflow

  • Quick search — Quickly find resumes that match your needs
  • Favorites — Add resumes to a favorites list for easy retrieval


With our FREE platform, job seekers can:

  • Post additional job openings
  • Share job openings on OUR social media sites
  • Promote jobs on YOUR social media sites
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Upgrade/downgrade package to best meet current needs
  • Quick search resumes (Platinum)
  • Add resumes to favorites (Platinum)
Why Us WeboJobs for Jobs?

If you want to avoid the pain points surrounding finding the best candidates and jobs Pakistan has to offer, you'll want to sign up for a free WeboJobs account. Our tried-and-true job-matching platform is the best way to match talented, experienced candidates with employers who value and need them. Our consultants are experienced human resources professionals ready to help you out as needed.

We're confident that you're going to love using! Register for a free account today and see how it works firsthand.

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